How to make your own maggots!


Today is a rare occasion when I actually have time to myself, Jax is enjoying his first taster session as nursery so I had a few hours spare. I was going to do housework, but that's far to boring, so instead I'm writing this blog to show you all how to make quick and easy maggots! Perfect timing as Halloween is just over a week away.

Things you'll need:

*Liquid Latex

*Cocktail Sticks

*Paint Brush

*Paints or Makeup Palette

So let's get into this!

Step 1.

Get an old plate or clean surface that you don't mind working on, dip the wooden end of your paint brush into the liquid latex and dot small circles all over your chosen surface. They should look like the picture


Step 2.

Once dry you'll need your palette or paints. Using a yellow colour (I used my Mehron bruise wheel yellow) you'll want to put a yellow dot in the middle of your latex circles. Then using a brown, you'll want to put a smaller brown dot at the chosen end of your maggots head. Pictured below.

Step 3.

Once that has also dried all you need to do now is slightly peel up one end of your latex circle and then roll along your surface back and forth to make a tiny sausage shape. Keep going until you are happy with the look of your maggot then repeat this step on all latex circles tapering them at the ends.

Step 4.

Once you are happy with the shapes all you need to do now is get your cocktail stick, or a tiny paint brush and using the brown again to just dot back over your maggots heads to really define them, Then that's it! Your done!

This method is so simple yet effective, I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you do try this method please do tag me in your photos I would love to see.

Happy week before Halloween!

Laura x

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