I have always loved Alice In Wonderland from as young age, I love the fantasy and mystery and I love how this story can be interpreted in so many different ways.

I used to imagine I was living in my own little wonderland when things got a bit tough, its important to keep the magic alive in your head and heart.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to organise my very first photo shoot, yes you read it right…ORGANISED BY ME!

Time to step up and take my first steps to becoming a Makeup Artist Designer.

I have always dreamed of making my own wonderland and for this shoot I managed to recreate my own mini set, I wanted to focus of the darkness of wonderland, my idea started with a young innocent and intrigued Alice, who looked into wonderland wanting more. Through the looking glass she saw a darker Alice, the other side to herself along with other characters like the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter. She saw them laughing and joking and having fun so of course she wanted to explore.

So what next? Time to start planning my shoot, where do I start? A photographer may be a good starting point so then it began..

Looking through Google trying to find photographers to work with was fun, I love how each person has their own style,. When I stumbled across Jane Austin Romance Photography I knew I needed Jane to shoot this for me, her work is so magical and her themes were the exact style I wanted for my shoot, so I emailed her and within a day we had set a date for the next week! A little short notice shoot arrangement never hurt anyone aye..

So with a week to put together a whole shoot, I started listing what I needed, models, props, costumes!! AHH?! So another quick Google search lead me to Love Art Designs.

I was very lucky in finding my props and costumes from the lovely Love Art Designs.Love Art Designs is run and owned by the lovely Celia & Ashley. They hand make all their own props and Celia even made her Queen of Hearts outfit herself! They joined me on my shoot providing everything I needed, they even ended up modelling, Celia as my Queen and Ashley as my Hatter, it worked out perfectly, I couldn’t of done it without them so a big THANK YOU to you both.

Ok so Photographer, CHECK! Props and costumes, CHECK! Now for models? I advertised on my Facebook page and in Facebook groups when Simone from Mosaic Model Management popped up and offered me one of her models, the stunning |Ellis! She was perfect for my before wonderland Alice, so natural and innocent looking. 1 model down and Jane contacts me with a suggestion, Karyss Haxton a freelance model from Plymouth, Jane has worked with Karyss on a few occasions so I thought I would take a look. Bright pink and blue hair and a Disney sleeve? PERFECT. I now had my crazy wonderland Alice.

Everything was coming together just perfectly, so the day arrived we all traipsed into the woods in Plymouth to an old ruin. The sun stayed out, and even though it was cold the models were amazing.

We set up our mini wonderland, the centrepiece was an amazing tea party table, with stunning tea sets (all supplied by Love Art Designs) I set up the table exactly how I had imagined then got to work on the models. After a few hours it was time to start shooting. Jane was so amazing, constantly asking me if I was happy with the shots taken, she was so attentive to my needs as the MUA/Designer.

With well over 1000 images taken Jane had her work cut out for her editing and watermarking but she worked into the night to get my photos back to me so quickly as we were all so eager to see them.

Below you’ll see the finished images, I hope you love them as much as I do. I am so proud and thankful of my amazing team. Thank you for making this possible.

I wont stop here I enjoyed organising this so much that I am already planning my next shoot WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Laura x




www.purpleport.com/portfolio/karyss or instagram @Karyss_model

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