Top 10 Tips For Choosing Your Bridal MUA

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Now we need to make it through the longest month of the year (In my opinion) Yay! So why not start it with a new Blog post!

So here we have 10 Top Tips for choosing your Bridal MUA.

I could of gone on for hours on this but I condensed it down to 10. I will probably come back to this later on and realise I have missed something off, but for now this is a good start.

So lets get going...

1. Do your research- All MUA's have different styles, don't just choose the one you've been recommended without looking at their style, look around, choose someone who you feel fits the theme of your wedding. For me personally I love a classic look and I lean more towards this and vintage style makeup's.

2.Don't be afraid to ask questions- You,re paying for a service make sure you get the most out of it. We are here to help and answers any queries you may have so use us!

3. Preparing for your trial- Make sure you're are prepared for your trial, bring photos/colour swatches/ideas the more the better.

4.Makeup trends- This is a big one, so as much as the latest trends are gorgeous. Do you really want to be rocking that 2016/17 InstaGLAM makeup look in 20 years time? Photos last a lifetime trends come and go. Those 'on fleek' brows or that stunning cut crease may be your worst mistake in years to come. Think about it and choose what you feel suits you best.

5.Research again- A lot of photos I see are very much edited/face tuned. Don't be fooled and go by what the photos look like. Ask to meet your MUA. Like most things in life if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Nearly everyone has blemishes and imperfections. That's what makes us.

6.Touch up kits- It's always good to have a touch up kit planned for the day, unless your MUA is staying with you all day that is. Ask for colours/products used. I offer my brides small portable touch ups but sometimes you may want more. Essentials are blotting papers, translucent powder. Lipstick/balm/gloss.

7.Foundation- While you may think that more is better you need to remember that it's not all about the photos, a thick base may photograph nicely from afar but how about what you'll look like to your guests. Make sure you consider all options and talk to your MUA. A good MUA will be able to advise you what is best for your skin and tone. So this is the main reason why trials are so important. You don't want to look like a muddied bride another reason to research your MUA.

8.Hygiene- Another important reason to choose a professional MUA. The last thing you want to worry about is an infection from poor cleanliness.

9.Lashes- You might think strip lashes are a nice added extra. This isn't always the case, the long hours, the tears, the facial movements won't help strip lashes. I've heard plenty of horror stories where the poor brides are devastated because their lashes are hanging off mid day! Talk to your MUA for better options.

10.The Bargain- Don't get me wrong we all love a bargain. But should your wedding makeup be bartered with? Yes weddings are expensive and you want to keep costs down, but maybe don't add that extra confetti or bottle of champers and choose someone who really knows what they are doing. If you find MUA who is a lot cheaper than any others in the area, ask yourself why? Quality products and training cost money and a lot of time. Make sure you choose someone who specialises in weddings. They will be trained in all aspects including knowing how the makeup will photographed and have plenty of wedding experience. You can relax knowing that all bases will be covered.

These are just some basic tips to help you with your Bridal MUA journey, there are plenty more but I wont carry on. I hope this has helped. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask I'm am always happy to have a chat.

Happy New Year!

Laura x

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